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Exterior Grade Patio String Lights Commercial

Exterior grade patio string lights commercial are very popular and ideal for outdoor lighting needs such as landscape, patios, cafes, pathways, backyards, wedding tents, wineries and so on. This type has heavy duty with 16 gauge wire and rated for about 960 Watts or equal to 8 Amps. It socket is durable since it is specially designed in order to be able to resist the exposure of ultra violet sun light and other tight weathers. Actually this type of lighting fixture can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs but usually people use it for landscape lighting.

Exterior Grade Patio String LightsExterior Grade Patio String Lights

Exterior Grade Patio String Lights Commercial Tips

For each circuit wattage capacity, it is recommended to have the maximum run approximately 960 Watts or equal to 8 Amps for string lights, which means that it will be bad if it is more than the recommended wattage capacity run including in its continuous light string length, the lesser the better. For instance, since light string 106 foot has 50 sockets, it is recommended that each socket wattage to run 15 Watts. There are some recommendations if you want to use 50 sockets, they are 11S14, A15, G50, LED G50 and LEDS14 bulbs. You have to keep this on you mind that the mentioned light strings are not for the use of end to end connection.

11S14 Bulb11S14 Bulb

A15 BulbA15 Bulb

G50 BulbG50 Bulb

LED G50 BulbLED G50 Bulb

LED S14 BulbLED S14 Bulb

There are some options of exterior grade patio string lights commercial tat you can choose whether with suspensor or not. The suspensor version provides cable wires with an eyelet to go through in order to provide back up support in holding up the string lights. As an additional feature, the main wire and the socket are both connected by a suspensor which in providing better illumination the socket has to be placed approximately 1 inch lower.

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