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May 28

Beautify Your House with Art Deco Lighting Fixtures

Art deco lighting fixtures will definitely add the décor motif into your house with the intention of bringing the beauty to make your house as a better place to live. These kind of lighting fixtures have everlasting unique designs which are specially built and made of materials which are guaranteed will be last for many years. These days, the popularity of art deco lighting fixtures has been growing due to its unique design and style which it is hard to look for these pieces of lighting’s replica. The art deco lighting fixtures are wonderfully enhancing the décor of modern or traditional houses. These kinds of lighting fixtures can be putted on the table or hanged on the wall which will serve many purposes and the value of best utility.

stylish art deco lightingstylish art deco lighting

The fixtures of art deco lighting as lights source are wonderful in illuminating any room and since they are antique lighting, they are not available everywhere.  For sure they will bring the effect of nostalgic to your room which gives it a warm and comforting appearance. In matter of lighting purposes, the art deco lighting will be suitable whether as the ceiling lights or the floor lights since it is not fluorescent. The art deco lighting is the ultimate choice in decorating a house, it is definitely going to be great if you can find the ideal lighting fixtures that will suit your house perfectly.

lighting model art decolighting model art deco

Art Deco Lighting Ideas and Characteristics

The lighting’s look will be elegant, dramatic and futuristic during the movement of art deco. The feature is very essential in interior design and also has a role as the exterior architecture’s key element. Lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers are traditionally made of chrome, steel or bronze which can create the look of sexy and sleek that is more relevant to the history period. In order to make a lamp shade becomes fashionable, the applications of glass and porcelain are common which are contributed to the aesthetic art deco.

American art deco lighting fixtureAmerican art deco lighting fixture

The pieces of lighting exhibit the style of classic characteristic in order to give complement to the elements of modern design interior and the sleek architecture as well. The styles of classic characteristics are modern, geometric, vertical long silhouettes, extensive use of materials, for external use primarily apply neon lights, large scaled in order to create a dramatic atmosphere and futuristic.

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