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Apr 08

Classy Style Art Deco Lighting Fixtures

Art deco lighting fixtures will definitely make you surprised since there is so many of beautiful lighting fixtures which are very fascinating, attractive, classy, elegant and antique. It is also recommended that you should take a look at the consignments shops. The estate sales listings is also need to be seen since there several listings where you can purchase a chandelier along including with the history of that lighting fixtures. And for more consideration, you also can peep the houses of auction in order to check is there any products in sale. But the antique lighting issue does not up here since there is still a lot of issue to solve. Besides you have to make sure that the lighting fixture is originally antique.  In order to be able to make different between the authentic and the false one, you can seek the information which will be valuable in finding the right one. The valuable art deco lighting fixtures are not so easy to get since there are so many duplicates which copy the fixtures of art deco lighting.

original art deco characteristicoriginal art deco characteristic

Art Deco Lighting Ideas and Characteristics

It is unbelievably dramatic when seeing the light during the movement of the art deco, it also provides the elegant, classy and futuristic look. The art deco lighting feature has a very important role in determining the interior design and also as the main element of architectural exterior. Chandeliers, lamps, and wall sconces are traditionally made of chrome, steel or polished bronze which make these lighting fixtures look sexy and has a very sleek appearance which also tend to be associated to its history period. Lamp shades usually use glass and porcelain in order to make it beautiful, sleek, streamlined, aesthetic and fashionable as well. In order to complete the element designs of modern interior and sleek architecture of deco period, the lighting pieces also need to fulfill the style of classic characteristics such as modern and streamlined, geometric, vertical long silhouette, neon lights for exterior use, futuristic look, bold with bright colors, lalique crystal and so on.

futuristic look art deco lighting fixturesfuturistic look art deco lighting fixtures

American art deco lighting fixture characteristicAmerican art deco lighting fixture characteristic

In order to get the best quality of art deco lighting fixtures, you have to check its material as the first step. For instance, the steel polished products are only popular these new days, so if you already have that kind of product, it can be guaranteed that the product you have is a fake one. You also have to make sure that the product of art deco lighting that you purchase is going to fit your room, before considering the lighting fixtures are authentically antique or fake.

pair vintage art deco slip wall sconces lightingpair vintage art deco slip wall sconces lighting

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