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Jul 09

Energy Efficiency Outdoor Lighting Sodium Light Fixtures

In matter of energy efficiency of lighting, sodium light fixtures have already well known for its proven type as the efficient light fixtures and already considered by many consumers to have. In this modern era where everything has to be well considered especially in energy consumption since the decreasing amount of the available energy supplies on earth, people are highly recommended to be efficient in consuming energy or even suggested to use alternative energy power source. If you have sodium light fixtures installed in your house, then you are absolutely do not have to worry about preserving energy since this type of lighting fixtures are wonderful in matter of saving energy consumption.

Sodium Light FixturesSodium Light Fixtures

Sodium Light Fixtures Reviews

There are two types of sodium light fixtures, they are the high pressured and the low pressured one but one thing for sure that this light fixtures work by using electricity to agitate sodium vapor which eventually produces light. Based on its name high and low pressure sodium light fixtures have particular strength in its operations which the high pressure has much longer in longevity with better quality lighting but in matter of energy efficiency the low pressure one wins. In quality of lighting, this type of lighting fixtures does not have good quality moreover in aesthetic but this is exactly what makes it used just for illuminating street at night or as a security systems part. The lighting color it produces is orange and usually used for compound lighting or outdoor manufacturing such as building infrastructures.

Low Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures

Low Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures

High Pressure Sodium Light FixturesHigh Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures

If concerning about providing lighting fixtures for outdoor manufacturing, the sodium light fixtures will be the finest choice if the main issue is energy efficiency since it will be needed to be on for many times. Though this type of light fixtures does not provide any aesthetic illumination just like many other light fixtures whether for use in indoor and outdoor, but in matter of outdoor application with low consuming energy, this type of light fixtures will be on front.

Outdoor Application Sodium Light Fixtures

Outdoor Application Sodium Light Fixtures

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