How to Build Floor lamp

Since floor lamp has simple electrical engineering, then it is not going to be hard to build floor lamp just by yourself. A floor lamp consists of two wires which run from two terminals in the outlet of wall up to the socket and simply just need to push the on off switch in its application. What becomes the hardest part in building a floor lamp is not in its putting together or assembling the whole components but actually in its body designing to create the attractive look of floor lamp that you are about to build.

Handmade Floor Lamp Handmade Floor Lamp

Building Floor Lamp Instructions

If you want to build your own hand made floor lamp, then you may want to follow these instructions in achieving and completing your purpose. First of all, you need to go to home improvement or hardware stores to purchase a lamp kit which should consist of a cord, switch, socket and harp. Previously you have to prepare get a long tube such as bamboo poles, woods or PVC pipes which are easy to work with for the floor lamp body. You need to make a hole near the tube’s bottom by drilling it through for the exit if the cord. If you look at the cord, it has two wires which one is attached into the plug’s thick prong and the other one is attached into the thin one, you use a piece of tape on the wire which is attached to the thicker prong. Insert the cord come from the hole in the bottom inside until it comes out to the top, then you hold it by using tape while threading it through. Prepare a base for the floor lamp to stand, make a hole for the tube with same diameter, after that you glue the tube and plug it into the base hole. Pull the cord up the assembly of the socket, since there should be two pegs or metal screws sticking out from the socket, use two different colored tapes to wrap around the wires then solder them right into place. As finishing touch, you need to assemble the assembly of the socket including the harp, place a light bulb in then rest it in the lamp’s top, plug it in and try to turn it on. If you find it works , then you can simply glue it into the lamp’s top with some epoxy.

 Handmade Floor Lamp with Wood PolesHandmade Floor Lamp with Wood Poles

Handmade Floor Lamp with Bamboo PolesHandmade Floor Lamp with Bamboo Poles

Well, you already have the proper instructions about how to build a floor lamp, you will find it simple to do if you follow them properly. As additional instructions to be save in applying your own hand made floor lamp, you better not to touch the pegs or wires when you are testing the lamp. As a type of lighting fixture, the floor lamp should work to provide good quality of lighting for better visibility in rooms though maybe it will not provide aesthetic look but it worth to try to make it by yourself for experience.

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