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Jun 29

How to Install Poles to Hang String Lights on Patio

It is absolutely going to be not comforting at all if your patio is dark every time the night comes since it is does not have well illumination. A patio is included into outdoor part of a house which can give relaxing atmosphere if it is well illuminated, in so many available lighting fixtures, string lights can be the perfect option to be installed as your patio lighting and in order to have your patio well illuminated, you can install pole to hang string lights. As a type of lighting fixtures string lights are low priced, provide good illumination, elegant, unique and easy to install, but the problem is that how to get the finest result in patio lighting with using pole. As the lighting solution in answering such issue, here are the instructions of how to install poles to hang string lights on patio.

Patio String LightsPatio String Lights

Proper Installation Poles to hang String Lights on Patio Tips and warnings

The patio perimeter has to be well measured in order to know how many poles that should be installed and also how many string lights that you will need to get your patio well illuminated. Prepare the extension cord of the string lights to be installed in the poles but make sure that it will be safe around the patio perimeter by using tape wire clips in order to prevent unwanted accident. The lights have to be hung on patio’s upper perimeter but you must leave a slack between them, then attach them using wire clips which are nailed in as it required. Pulling or swaging the lightings is also allowed. You should keep the strands in the package and take the out only when you are about to install it right away to prevent it from tangling. If there are many of string lights to be installed, then you should connect each end to each others to continue its installation into the next poles.

Patio String Lights Properly Installed on PolePatio String Lights Properly Installed on Pole

Commercial Grade Patio String LightsCommercial Grade Patio String Lights

If you plan the string lights installation for long period, then it is highly recommended to use the commercial grade string lights which will stand for many years to come, these are higher in price but for fulfilling your plan, then you will not regret it since these types are longer strands and very good in durability. You better install the proper amount of lights to be hung since too many will not be good and also check the watts that the lights pull. Dividing the watts capacity by 120 volts is recommended for the amps determination, 15 amps for each circuit is not recommended. In order to get the finest result which will also influence the safety on patio, you better search for valuable information about the proper installation of the poles.

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