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Jul 17

How to Make a Pendant Light

If you want to make a pendant light, then you will require a socket, hanging device, wiring, and framework as items to attach. The project of lamp globes shall allow your creativity to be enhanced since any item is imaginable virtually can be made into pendant light’s shade or globe. There are some steps that you will have to follow in making a pendant light and if you follow it, it is taken for granted that you will not only find very interesting to do since you can express your creativity, but also will become your personal pride if you can make your own handmade lighting fixtures.You can simply make your it in style of hut, mason jar and others

Hut Pendant LightHut Pendant Light

Mason Jars Pendant LightsMason Jars Pendant Lights

Steps in Making a Pendant Light

First of all, you have to screw each of pendant light’s bulb into a lamp socket with on off switch. You better to choose compact fluorescent light bulbs for the bulbs since they give less heat off and certainly will work great with materials in large variety. It is taken for granted that multiple sockets which generally have one on off switch in its operating, are going to be wonderful since it will bring the chandelier style any will allow its light beam to be turned in multi directions. Wiring is needed to attach the socket or lamp socket to the cord, it has plug on its end to make the pendant light plugged into electrical socket to create its power. It is already a common thing that this light fixture is hung in its installation whether on all or in ceiling and for supporting the steady hanging, lamp chain or metal frame will do great. Any shape and size of framework for the pendant light will great such as an old frame of lampshade from table lamp without its fabric, just by using hangers of wire coat to shape and bend into piece of original artwork. Fishing line or wire will securely hold the all components to the pendant light’s framework. In matter of design and character, lamp globes play significant role in directing illumination. You can get many options of globe in materials such as glass, cardboard, plastic and wood at resale stores.

Hanging Pendant LightHanging Pendant Light

If you want to make your own pendant light to see how creative are you and want to achieve the finest result in making it, then it is going to be wise if you follow the steps in how to make a pendant light. It is taken for granted that it will be your personal pride if you succeed, so good luck in trying to make one.

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