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Nov 14

Proper illumination Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Calculation

In order to have good quality of lighting with appropriate spacing in your kitchen, the kitchen ceiling lighting calculation is fundamentally required to achieve it. When installing ceiling lighting in your kitchen, it is very important to have it well placed since improper placing of kitchen ceiling lighting will not make kitchen’s activities be comfortably done or even it can be dangerous since kitchen things like knives, fire and gas will cause trouble if not carefully handled. Proper kitchen ceiling lighting calculation not only meant for safety in kitchen’s activities but also in providing proper illumination in the kitchen as one of main spaces of a house.

Proper Kitchen Ceiling LightingProper Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Calculation Tips

In theory, light is emitted in a cone shape which is expanded at steady rate right from the point to its base. It means that if your ceiling is high, then the emitted light will come larger to the floor. For obtaining even lighting in your kitchen, you better install the ceiling lighting approximately 1 foot on each sides of the kitchen. When it comes to lighting coverage, it depends on the size, placement and style of lighting fixtures which is installed, in order to obtain finest result you are recommended to contact the manufacturer or you can also check the light packaging to find out about the fixtures lighting coverage. When it comes to calculations, you need to measure your kitchen ceiling’s length and width but do not include the wall mounted areas of cabinetry since you will not need it at all.

Proper Kitchen Lighting CoverageProper Kitchen Lighting Coverage

Recessed Kitchen Ceiling LightingRecessed Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

When calculating your kitchen ceiling lighting, you have to consider few things such as coverage area can be affected by glass covers if you use the recessed lights, in order to prevent it you better to use clear glasses since they offer narrowest beam since light’s illumination will not be diffused. If you can not manage proper calculation in kitchen ceiling lighting by yourself, then you better use the help of skillful professional to get the finest result in your kitchen lighting.

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