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Jan 17

Safe and Secure Parking Garage Lighting

Parking garage lighting is essentially needed in order to provide illumination in parking area. The illumination is actually provided in order to keep the maintenance in the facility’s safety and security as well, so it is highly recommended to be very careful in selecting the right light fixture since they have to fulfill many factors which are meant to contribute to the effective illumination of lighting and energy efficiency as well. There are also some things that are should be considered such as the levels of light intensity, the efficiency of lumens each watt, glare reduction, the level s of vertical and horizontal foot candle are also must be very carefully considered before you make decision to purchase the light fixtures for the need of parking garage lighting since you also have to consider the aspects of its benefits that you can gain such as its price, longevity and the power consumption of the light fixtures which can influence the effectiveness in  electricity bill costs.

Lighting of Parking GarageLighting of Parking Garage

Parking Garage Lighting Types and Specifications

If you are in the search of parking garage lighting, then you have to know some types of the fixture, they are high pressure sodium, fluorescent and metal halide which each of them will provide you some different benefits that have to be adapted to your purchasing power, the lighting quality and the parking garage size. Some of the considerations are definitely required to be well considered in order to get the finest result as you expect. Metal halide light fixtures for parking garage lighting are very common since it represent the medium price but offer remarkable the quality effect of visual lighting and it also color rendering, but what makes this type of light fixture disadvantageous is that it does not have longevity and less energy efficiency which means that you have to very often in replacing this light fixtures with the new one. High pressure sodium light fixtures are going to be the options if you have a large sized parking garage which has high ceilings to be illuminated since they provide the highest lumens for each wattage output, and they are also very effective in cost but they also have disadvantageous issue in the index of color rendering. Fluorescent light fixtures are great in any bad weather conditions and this type of lighting fixture is also the very best among all parking garage lighting fixtures since it has all the advantages in price, energy efficiency and saver costs.

High Pressure Sodium Light FixturesHigh Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures

Fluorescent Light FixturesFluorescent Light Fixtures

Metal Halide Light FixturesMetal Halide Light Fixtures

If you want to get the finest result in parking garage lighting, then it is highly recommended to ask the professional designer who can provide you great help in finding the best solution in lighting’s bright levels and also in order to be friendly to the environment since some of parking garage lighting fixtures emit hazardous glare which is dangerous for safety. In order to maximize the possibilities in safety, then there some factors that have to be well considered such as the facility size, parking garage architecture, the type and amount of vehicle traffic and many others.

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