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Apr 16

Showcase Your Home with Strategic Exterior Soffit Lighting

Exterior soffit lighting is the perfect solution for those looking to spotlight exterior elements of their homes. The word soffit, while commonly used in architecture and construction, will most likely not be familiar to most people. Generally, it is used to describe the underside or underneath area of any construction element and can be found underneath a projecting cornice, on the underside of a roof eave, or underneath the overhanging wood area on an outdoor deck. Most homeowners hardly think about this space, labeling it wasted or unusable. What they don’t realize is that this space has many uses. Chief among these is as a place to install lighting fixtures. This kind of lighting is underutilized across America, but when applied correctly, it can greatly enhance the look and curb appeal of nearly any home. If you are looking to add some extra oomph to your exterior space without spending a bundle on an expensive landscape or architectural redesign, then outdoor soffit lighting under eaves could be just the thing for your home. The trick to this kind of lighting though, is knowing how to strategically place the fixtures to best emphasize your home.

Exterior Soffit Lighting

Fore Light Your Deck from Under the Eaves

Eaves are an architectural element featured in the vast majority of homes in America. An eave is the edge of the roof that generally projects over the side of the building. They are built into most homes to carry rainwater away and typically have gutters and fascia boards to further prevent rainwater from collecting and to prevent the roof from leaking. By installing lighting under the eaves above patios or decks, homeowners can light their outdoor spaces economically and attractively. Many homeowners with decks and patios struggle with properly lighting these outdoor spaces. Standing lamps are impractical, and candles and tiki torches can only do so much. If you have a deck or patio that remains unlit, chances are you will not be able to enjoy yourself very much in your outdoor space as dusk approaches. That’s where outdoor soffit lighting comes in. It is simple to install under the eaves of your roof. In addition, it’s unobtrusive, provides plenty of light, and is relatively inexpensive. These lights can help you enjoy your deck or patio for years to come.

Install Exterior Soffit Lighting Under the Deck to Up-Light Nearby Trees

Trees add an element of natural splendor to any front or back yard. Often times, we can’t see the forest for the trees, and we ignore the natural beauty that’s right in front of us. By using exterior soffit lighting under the deck of your home, you can make sure the trees stand out at night, making your yard attractive and eye-catching. By up-lighting trees with this lighting, you showcase their unique texture and produce a lovely nighttime glow on their foliage. These accent lights can be part of your overall outdoor lighting scheme and can add drama and panache to nearly any front or back yard. Combine this lighting feature with outdoor path lights, candles, or lanterns, and you can completely transform your home’s evening exterior look.

LED Lights as Exterior Soffit Lighting

As a precaution: although all exterior soffit lighting comes waterproof, if wires are accessible to kids or pets they still can possess danger. In this situation you might consider low volt outdoor soffit lighting solutions.

Showcase a Dormer or Interesting Roofline

If you are lucky enough to have a home with dormer windows or an interesting roofline, why not show them off? Use under-eave lighting to highlight and enhance unique architectural details like these. By installing this lighting underneath the eaves of dormer windows, people will be much more likely to notice these features from the street. Alternatively, if your home has an interesting or attractive roofline, you can use outdoor soffit lighting to draw attention to and spotlight the one-of-a-kind structural elements of your home’s exterior.  This kind of lighting can also make your home look bigger, as it opens up the space under the eaves and accentuates the peaks, making them appear larger and taller.

When you want to impress guests at your evening get-togethers or potential home buyers looking for luxury, exterior lighting can make all the difference.  Whatever the application, exterior soffit lighting can provide discreet, attractive lighting to the outdoor space of any home, instantly boosting its curb appeal.

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