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Mar 12

Kitchen Lighting Technique with Island Lights

Elegant and Aesthetic Kitchen by Island Lighting

If you want to enhance your kitchen’s appearance, installing kitchen island lights will be an awesome lighting technique in achieving such purpose since it will not only provide proper visibility in the kitchen, but also will create the elegant, classy and aesthetic appearance. The bad thing about kitchen island lights is that these types of …

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Nov 14

Proper illumination Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Calculation

Proper Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

In order to have good quality of lighting with appropriate spacing in your kitchen, the kitchen ceiling lighting calculation is fundamentally required to achieve it. When installing ceiling lighting in your kitchen, it is very important to have it well placed since improper placing of kitchen ceiling lighting will not make kitchen’s activities be comfortably …

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Jun 17

Functional Aesthetic Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

If you want to illuminate your kitchen with proper illumination while bringing the aspect of aesthetic as well, the under cabinet lighting will be the best way in achieving it. With this one of bright lighting ideas, you can make the cabinets’ dark spots in your kitchen become clearly visible since this light fixture technology …

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Jun 16

Planning for Wiring a Kitchen

Kitchen Wiring

Planning for wiring a kitchen is fundamentally required to set the kitchen space with the other rooms since it can take you to modern kitchen lighting appearance. Flooring will be the first step for you to take, then you can have you appliances to be accessorized with wire. In order to get the finest result, …

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